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At Spot, the security of your videos is our top priority.

Our team has worked at leading silicon valley companies like Cisco, Meraki and Samsara. We understand the best practices in protecting enterprise data.

Data Protection

Private by Design

Spot is built for privacy by using edge-computing technology to store and index videos. Your video is privately stored on  your local appliance and not on a remote server. When you access your video, it is streamed directly from your appliance.

Full, End-to-End Encryption

All video streams are collected in your local network then fully encrypted end-to-end from our appliance to your laptop or mobile using  128 bit AES encryption.

Protection from Attacks

Our system is built to protect you from DDOS and other malicious  attacks. We provide security against snooping of data in transit and brute force login attacks.

Ownership and Access

Secure Access

We leverage expiring and rotating tokens+keys, OAuth, and Role Based Access Control so only authenticated users in authenticated sessions can access video that they have been given permission to access. Admins can add/remove users and change permissions.

You own your data

You own your data. Whether it’s your videos or access information, we keep it private.