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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my video stored and analyzed in the cloud?

All your video streams are collected on your appliance and not a remote server. this video is privately mined+indexed for its content, so the relevant footage is available at your users’ fingertips on any device, anywhere.

What brands of cameras do you support?

We support any IP camera or NVR that uses RTSP to stream encoded video. In other words, almost every security camera on the market!

How secure is the access to my video?

Security of your video is our highest priority. All video streams are fully encrypted end-to-end from our appliance to your device using  128 bit AES encryption. Read more details here.

How complicated is the installation?

Installation is simple - the device is a little larger than your smartphone and only plugs into a power outlet and ethernet. We can walk you and through the entire process remotely!

How much bandwidth does your system use?

Since video streams are recorded by the device locally, it uses very little bandwidth. Videos are only streamed when someone logs in to view them.

How much storage does your device have?

By default, the Spot device contains enough storage for up to 30 days of rolling video. This is easily customizable based on your business’ needs.

Is there any unique network configuration I need to do with my firewall?

No! No more port forwarding, no more VPNs. It just works.

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