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How a real estate investment firm uses Spot to standardize video surveillance across existing and new assets

With Arshad Sultan, Head of Property Management, Bridge33

About Bridge33 Capital

Bridge33 Capital is a commercial real-estate firm with over 25 assets across the US. Bridge leverages intense property management with the goal of becoming a best-in-class real estate investment company.

Arshad is responsible for managing all properties in Bridge33’s portfolio. Tom’s responsibilities include the day-to-day IT operations across the portfolio including managing networks and camera systems.

Bridge33 was looking for a solution to easily standardize video surveillance across their rapidly growing portfolio. Then they found Spot.

“We needed to a system that would tie together all our cameras in the field and make it easy to monitor our properties with a small nimble central team”

Top Problems

Constantly adding assets to the portfolio each with different cameras systems, making it hard to remotely monitor
Managing security systems across distributed assets is challenging, making the team reactive and not proactive
Traditional security software is very difficult to use, making it time consuming to search video to resolve incidents

Spot's Solution

Securely see all your existing cameras across locations on a single web dashboard, instantly and remotely
Device and user management features that reduce IT overhead
Intuitive AI-powered search features that reduce hours of searching to minutes

Problem #1: Every asset acquired has a different security camera system

“Even refreshing cameras across properties to the same brand wasn’t going to solve our problem”

Bridge33 is constantly adding new assets to its portfolio with different security camera systems. This was increasing the burden on their team to leverage these systems to remotely monitor their portfolio. They considered replacing cameras across all properties with the same brand but even that wouldn’t fully solve the problem. The team would need different logins for each location -- effectively making each site it’s own silo.

Solution #1: Unified access to all cameras across all locations on a single dashboard

“We were able to standardize video surveillance across existing and newly acquired assets, irrespective of what cameras were already installed.”

Spot’s Hybrid Cloud NVR works with any IP camera that supports RTSP irrespective of camera make and model. The Bridge33 team was able to self-install it at each asset in minutes and get secure access to video without manually setting port-forwarding or external VPNs. Spot’s easy-to-use and responsive interface allows Bridge33’s team to easily switch between properties from any device, anywhere.

Problem #2: Managing security systems across distributed assets is challenging

“Having multiple different cameras across assets was making it difficult for us to manage infrastructure across a large growing portfolio”

On many occasions, one would realize a camera is not working only after an incident has happened and you are trying to find the relevant video. Bridge33’s team solved this by a weekly manual audit of all the cameras, a painful and manual process taking hours. 

Also, Bridge33’s senior management wanted access sites while regional teams wanted better access to just their sites. Setting up access controls and user permissions was a nightmare. 

Solution #2: Device and user management features that reduce IT overhead

“Spot allows us to go from being reactive to being proactive with our physical security. Managing security has been much easier despite a growing portfolio.”

With live camera health status and alerts, Bridge33 is able to find out when a camera is offline, and if so, for how long. No need for spending hours doing manual checks as they can get instant notifications on camera status as well as access to a single click health summary of all cameras. Being able to easily see which cameras are not working, for how long and for what reason helps their team proactively stay on top of their security. 

Role based user access to specific cameras and locations makes it incredibly easy to manage  permissions. SSO integration with leading enterprise email providers plus a super easy to interface to add new users with specific permissions makes organization wise management a breeze.

Result: Bridge33’s team has detected and proactively resolved over 10 camera outages in just a few weeks. In addition, ease of use and management saves hours every week. 

Problem #3: It takes hours to find seconds of relevant footage

“As Bridge33’s asset portfolio has grown, so have the number of requests for incident resolution -- which increases the burden on our lean team. But we do it to keep our customers happy”

Bridge33 expanding and adding new locations meant increased operational burden and time spent resolving tenant requests for security video footage and incident resolution. The native NVR software took hours to search, increasing turn-around time on tenant requests for videos of security incidents and taking precious man-hours away from other property management tasks. Video sharing both internally and externally is also difficult, requiring USB sticks to transfer large files.

Solution #3: Modern AI-powered search + sharing video with links

“It is MUCH faster than using the native NVR software.”

Spot’s Motion Search, Timeline and Segment Scrub features helped the Bridge33 team sift through hours of footage in minutes and reduce the time it takes to respond to tenants. Spot’s single-click video sharing has made it much easier and faster to share footage with 3rd parties including law enforcement, insurance investigators, and tenants.

Result: Bridge33 has reduced investigation time from a few hours per incident to less than 5 minutes.

Looking Forward: Leveraging video to manage at scale

“We continue to use Spot across assets to make it easier for our lean team to manage a large portfolio while maintaining customer satisfaction”

In Spot, Bridge33 has found a flexible, reliable and secure solution that can support their growing operations. All Bridge33 assets with cameras are on boarded to the Spot platform.

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