About us

Spot AI is led by founders deeply authentic to Enterprise IT and AI. We’re from companies like Meraki and Cisco and trained at schools including Stanford, Caltech, and IIT.

We're building a new class of intelligent devices that have the cloud's power directly injected into them. First product is the industry's first Edge Native security camera.

We build products with 3 philosophies


THIS MEANS BuildING product that just work out of the box and doesn’t require complex manuals to deploy and use. IT MEANS designing web and mobile applications that are intuitive and don’t require a tutorial to on-board users.


Our products are hired to automate tasks and we should perform deliver on these tasks reliably and consistently. This requires us to build products that account for network outages, system failures or human errors.


Products are hired for job-to-be-done, but we believe great products evoke an emotional response in its users. We strive to deliver our features in a manner that create the feeling of delight in our users.




Tanuj Thapliyal


Tanuj is the CEO + co-founder of Spot AI. He’s spent his career as a multi-disciplinary engineer in IT — working from silicon all the way to cloud applications.

Prior to Spot AI, Tanuj was a grad student at Stanford, where he co-founded Mellow Research out of the Stanford Networked Systems Group to help software devs make their code energy efficient. He worked on Mellow from his academic research into product launch and revenues.

He started his career as an engineer at Meraki ($1.2B Cisco acquisition during tenure), where he was directly responsible for numerous access-layer WiFi, security appliance, and switching products.

Tanuj has an MS EE and MBA from Stanford and a BS EE from UCLA



Our investors have seen IT platform shifts play out before, with early roles at companies including Google, Dropbox, NetApp, Blue Coat, & MIPS.