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Upgrade your video surveillance in 10 minutes

We reinvented the NVR so it's as easy to install as a toaster and easy to use as YouTube. And it just works with any mix of cameras and sites you already have.

Plug in Spot NVR

No camera replacements.

Select Cameras

Auto-detect camera feeds

Access on a modern web dashboard

From any device, anywhere.

Save bandwidth with private, local storage. Only stream when you view.
Full, end-to-end encryption.
No need for external VPNs.


Property Administration | Bridge33 Capital, Washington
"Fantastic software! The setup process has gone from close to an hour to just a few minutes.”


CEO | Ohi, New York
"Spot allows me to get real-time visibility across my operations. I start and end my day looking at all my sites on Spot.”


Asset Manager | Gramercy Management, Texas
"This has been a game changer. It's just so easy and fast. The saved time allows leasing agents to focus on leasing.”

Boost security and safety, with an easy-to-use dashboard

Spot adds an intelligence layer to your cameras that combines intuitive video management with powerful AI.

Monitor your entire business on a single pane of glass

See multiple locations side-by-side in real-time
Scroll through video on custom video walls
Set intelligent real-time alerts to catch unusual or dangerous activity
"I start and end my day looking at all my sites on Spot."
Ben J., CEO

Investigate and resolve incidents in minutes, with limited information

Find the relevant clips in minutes with advanced search features
share video with employees or authorities instantly with links
No training required
"“It is MUCH faster than using the native NVR software.”
Arshad S., Head of Property Management

Manage your video surveillance on one dashboard

Spot is built to minimize IT overhead no matter how many sites you have.
Easily manage users and permissions with role based access control, Single Sign On integrations.
Monitor camera health with live status and SMS
+ Email alerts.
Get automated software updates every two weeks.

Unlock the power of video for your business

Try Spot for a 15 day no-commitment trial and experience just how simple it is.